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nico innovagroup S.r.l. is an innovative Italian start-up that internationally develops services, products and projects in the healthcare and biotech sector starting from innovative and with high potential for success ideas, also through
partnerships and collaborations.

nico innovagroup is also operational in the development, on behalf of third parties, of services, products, projects and companies in the healthcare and biotech sectors, operating in this case as a qualified consultant and arriving to offer the entire development
with "turnkey" solutions.

nico innovagroup has also developed particular experience in the field of regulatory, intellectual protection, financial planning related to healthcare and biotech initiatives.

nico innovagroup operates both directly and through the wholly-owned subsidiaries innovabiohealth S.r.l. and innovagenome S.r.l. and the related company Nila Medica S.r.l.

innovabiohealth S.r.l. is an innovative Italian start-up that develops and offers innovative digital health solutions applied to diagnosis, therapy, nutrition, wellness and communication in the medical-scientific field, through the creation and management of digital platforms that connect patients, doctors and health facilities.
It operates in various high-impact sectors: laboratory diagnostics, genomics, digital medicine, corporate health welfare.

innovagenome S.r.l. is an innovative Italian start-up entirely dedicated to personalized genomics, which develops and offers innovative solutions for sequencing, analysis and digital storage of the whole genome (WGS) and of the whole exome (WES),
for DNA analysis using global screening array (GSA) and virtual panels and for genomics applied to infertility.

Nila Medica S.r.l. is a biotechnology company that develops and offers services for the cryopreservation of cells and tissues.

nico innovagroup

something about us ...


a group of 4 companies

nico innovagroup


intellectual property 

1 patent granted
2 patent applications


years of experience

founders & team


Granted patent
for utility model

 number 202021000002468
granted June 9, 2021

Patent application for industrial invention

number 102021000004709
filled March 1, 2021

nico innovagroup S.r.l., innovabiohealth S.r.l. and innovagenome S.r.l. was founded by Nicola Commisso, CEO, more than 18 years of experience in the biotech and healthcare field and in the creation of start up companies internationally

Nicola Commisso

founder & CEO

IVD and medical devices

we design and manufacture IVD and medical devices
to improve diagnosis and therapy


advanced genomics, bioinformatics,
artificial intelligence (AI)

digital health

digital healthcare solutions applied to therapy, diagnosis, wellness and communication


licensing, M&A, intellectual property, turnkey solutions
for biotech and healthcare industry

nico innovagroup S.r.l.
limited liability company with a single shareholder

start-up company established pursuant to art. 4 paragraph 10 bis D.L. 24 January 2015, n. 3
registered in the special section as an innovative start-up

P.IVA e C.F.: 04020680981
REA: BS 582111
PEC: nicoinnovagroup@pec.it
Via Caleppe 6, 25125 Brescia, Italy  

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